dimanche 3 février 2013

"Another Day in Paradise " by Phil Collins

To conclude my sequence of the most song by P.Collins , i offer at you to make an analysis about this legend song. Let's go !!!!

This song is one of the most famous song writing by Phil Collins which is be part of is number-one album " But Seriously" .Indeed he was wrote in 1989 by P.Collins himself . This song talk about the life of an homeless people . The song was beyond of an veritable success   , an invitation to help the people who lives in the street . What more  after his release , many of peoples had learn the veritable conditions about her hard live . In consideration of this amazing success ; Phil had wished to give half of revenue at the homeless people .
Nowadays , this song stay an anthem to solidarity in the world and specially in Great Britain . We said still that P.Collins is a committed singer .

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