dimanche 31 mars 2013

The Photography : my veritable passion

Everything started when my father bought a professional photo apparel for him , to realize  a teenager dream . but fulfill , I don't no why , I've been attracted by this mystery apparel and i wanted to know about it . That is why my dad decided to offer me a photo training in one of the biggest photography compagnies of the world : Nikon School . After this training i had enough experience to organize my first shooting . So , now i would like to talk you about this first photography shooting . I had luck because my friends believed in me .   At the beginning of the shoot , i was so anxious that my hands trembled . When i saw the result , i was satisfy . Mainly , every time i take the picture , i have shivers of pleasure !!!!

3 commentaires:

  1. ho !!!! Thank you , it's so simpatic Andrea ...

  2. Interesting article indeed!

    Be careful though : appareil photo = camera