jeudi 31 janvier 2013

A veritable princess like Sleeping Beauty in my life

For continue in my  thematic of love , Today i would like you talking about Sleeping beauty .Indeed who had never think find his sleeping beauty in this place where he studies .All start  with one movie and one analysis of this movies . In class of English literature , we have working about the movies sleeping beauty . At the same time I have hear a friend talk about a student . She said at this mystery girl : "you're a veritable princess" . At this time , i have think :And if Sleepy beauty existed !!! I could be know . She has lot of appeal which is the simplicity , the smile , the merriment and  evidently the perfect body . But right  lot of great person lives alone for the rest of her life and maybe i was this person .......

                                      TO BE CONTINUED ON WEDNESDAY 03 APRIL 2013 ........


mercredi 30 janvier 2013

"Separates Lives" by Phil Collins

This song talk about  deals with a breakup that is crushing for the singer . One of those relationships that ends with one person devastated . Indeed at this period of his life Phil Collins has writing a lot of songs extraordinarily heart-wrenching like " Against All Odds ( Take a Look At Me Now) " but he didn't write this one " separates lives" Which is composed by Stephen Bishop ( he has particular writing for himself " On and On " and " Save It For A Rainy Day".
Bishop had a small part in the movie Animal House, where John Belushi smashes his guitar.On the set, he met Karen Allen, who is known for her roles in the first and fourth Indiana Jones movies. 
This is therefore at this same period who Stephen went acquaintance to Phil Collins , This one will touched by the love story who live Phil and he give this song at Phil in sign of sympathy .
It was a veritable success. This song was and is today the most emotional  song newer writing . 

dimanche 27 janvier 2013

The legendary love songs in Great Britain

In my opinion , the most fabulous love songs were written in England . Indeed  when i think of a love song , i naturally think of Phil Collins . In addition , this singer is one of the most famous British singers . His songs were a real success and he composed a lot of new songs for humanity causes like the homeless people in the title " Another day in paradise "  .Phil collins inspired himself from his  personal life and mainly his love life like " One more night "  or   " can't stop loving you " .His lyrics are very realistic and they transport us when we listen to his songs . At the end of this songs  a lot of people has goosebumps. his songs conveyed great things which is solidarity , love his fellow man and finally when you listen her singles you can learn a beautiful life lesson . he has written a famous title " separate lives" 
who he talk  about is separation with is woman : i think this is the most concerning declaration of love who existed in the music world .   I joint the web lien to listen his  music :

                                                  Phil Collins , Separates lives  ( 1985) 

                                               Phil Collins , Another day in Paradise  ( 1989) 

                                                     Phil Collins , One More Night ( 1998)  

                                                     Phil Collins , Can't stop loving you ( 1978 ) 

mardi 8 janvier 2013

The chronicles of Narnia : From the books to the films

The chronicles of Narnia are  first  a series  of books written by C.S Lewis in 1949. This is a fantastic or magic story in a parallel world .This is a series of seven books . This is a story about four characters :Peter , Edmund , Susan and Lucy,    who  leave home  because it was the war in Great Britain and her parent want they in security .  So They go lives in the house of a friend to her father : a research professor . While visiting that very long house , we almost  can say it was a castle so much . Get back to the story !!!! So The children find a wardrobe alone in a room . Out of curiosity , they open the . In this splendid wardrobe we can see an impressive collections of fur coat . The Children continue to move at the inside of the wardrobe and magically , they penetrate into a strange kind of parallel world . It's here to start the adventure of the " world of Narnia " . During seven books , they arrived a lots of story ( problems) at this spectacular family team . It's in 2005 that Walt Disney Pictures studio decided to adapted this rest of book .  Which is the first opus entitle : le lion , la sorcière blanche et l'armoire magique . This adaptation was a whole success . So the film team production decided to make the second and the third opus in 2008 and 2010 . Since no news : A new episode ? Nobody know .....