dimanche 27 janvier 2013

The legendary love songs in Great Britain

In my opinion , the most fabulous love songs were written in England . Indeed  when i think of a love song , i naturally think of Phil Collins . In addition , this singer is one of the most famous British singers . His songs were a real success and he composed a lot of new songs for humanity causes like the homeless people in the title " Another day in paradise "  .Phil collins inspired himself from his  personal life and mainly his love life like " One more night "  or   " can't stop loving you " .His lyrics are very realistic and they transport us when we listen to his songs . At the end of this songs  a lot of people has goosebumps. his songs conveyed great things which is solidarity , love his fellow man and finally when you listen her singles you can learn a beautiful life lesson . he has written a famous title " separate lives" 
who he talk  about is separation with is woman : i think this is the most concerning declaration of love who existed in the music world .   I joint the web lien to listen his  music :

                                                  Phil Collins , Separates lives  ( 1985) 

                                               Phil Collins , Another day in Paradise  ( 1989) 

                                                     Phil Collins , One More Night ( 1998)  

                                                     Phil Collins , Can't stop loving you ( 1978 ) 

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