mercredi 30 janvier 2013

"Separates Lives" by Phil Collins

This song talk about  deals with a breakup that is crushing for the singer . One of those relationships that ends with one person devastated . Indeed at this period of his life Phil Collins has writing a lot of songs extraordinarily heart-wrenching like " Against All Odds ( Take a Look At Me Now) " but he didn't write this one " separates lives" Which is composed by Stephen Bishop ( he has particular writing for himself " On and On " and " Save It For A Rainy Day".
Bishop had a small part in the movie Animal House, where John Belushi smashes his guitar.On the set, he met Karen Allen, who is known for her roles in the first and fourth Indiana Jones movies. 
This is therefore at this same period who Stephen went acquaintance to Phil Collins , This one will touched by the love story who live Phil and he give this song at Phil in sign of sympathy .
It was a veritable success. This song was and is today the most emotional  song newer writing . 

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