mardi 8 janvier 2013

The chronicles of Narnia : From the books to the films

The chronicles of Narnia are  first  a series  of books written by C.S Lewis in 1949. This is a fantastic or magic story in a parallel world .This is a series of seven books . This is a story about four characters :Peter , Edmund , Susan and Lucy,    who  leave home  because it was the war in Great Britain and her parent want they in security .  So They go lives in the house of a friend to her father : a research professor . While visiting that very long house , we almost  can say it was a castle so much . Get back to the story !!!! So The children find a wardrobe alone in a room . Out of curiosity , they open the . In this splendid wardrobe we can see an impressive collections of fur coat . The Children continue to move at the inside of the wardrobe and magically , they penetrate into a strange kind of parallel world . It's here to start the adventure of the " world of Narnia " . During seven books , they arrived a lots of story ( problems) at this spectacular family team . It's in 2005 that Walt Disney Pictures studio decided to adapted this rest of book .  Which is the first opus entitle : le lion , la sorcière blanche et l'armoire magique . This adaptation was a whole success . So the film team production decided to make the second and the third opus in 2008 and 2010 . Since no news : A new episode ? Nobody know .....


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